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Hyperlinkng as Gate keeping:

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Brian O’Sullivan

While Hyperlinks can provide a way for the reader to follow their own interests when doing online searching and thus it creates an element of interactivity between the reader and the story posted by the journalist.

By this   hyperlinks are very important to Web users because they increase the user’s ability to control the information-seeking process, there is no limit to the amount of information a reader can access or how much is posted online.

However it is not very clear that online newspapers take advantage of all of the potential offered, many do not use it at all and others use it the an extent, while it may b in its infancy there is a slight hesitation in not making the reader do the research or on the same side tell them too much.

A survey of online newspapers, found most newspapers provided links to their advertisers’ sites, and less than half provided links to other news sites which could have enhanced information for their readers.


Luzer Links can broaden readers knowledge

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Brian O’Sullivan

Daniel Luzer argues that hyperlinks that connect an article to its sources or to other relevant articles pretty easily and will make it easy for the reader also in obtaining information.

He points the issue of sending the audience out to explore what is available but with surprising regularity, the hyperlinks are circuitous, returning again to the big articles, there is one explanation to this according to Luzer that is advertising.

Although he those not distance himself from the circuitous link strategy, stating that it makes sense if your publication is really worried about people getting distracted or if your publication really has the best content.

One of the questions he asks himself about what way journalism is heading I its present context is, with links do you  want to distract people a little, because it somehow makes the publication seem current and interesting. You want to let the reader explore a little. He sees hyperlinks as an avenue for broadening the readers mind and knowledge.

Scott Karp Link Journalism is changing the industry

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Brian O’Sullivan

Scott Karp says that hyperlinkng could seriously change journalism the New York Times journalist says that Link journalism is linking to other reporting on the web to enhance, complement, source, or add more context to a journalist’s original reporting.

He sees the standard journalistic technique for providing the context and support for assertions is to quote sources, but has pinpointed a different scenario on the web, where the “link journalism approach” is to link to other actual reporting.

In many ways links lore readers to sources that require a fee to enter Karp dismisses The rationale for paid access to newspaper and other print publication archives because researchers and other people searching for archived articles for a specific purpose will be willing to pay for them, he stresses the point that the archives don’t generate enough traffic to monetize through advertising, so why not charge for them.

Karp is also worried about what negative effect this will have on the traditional way of journalism and reporting he sees it as sending people away from the original newsroom that the reader is doing more research than the reporter.


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A fast expanding feature of online articles and to a certain extent blog is the use or overuse in certain quarters’ of hyperlinks. Many online texts are littered with links to sources and words such as a persons name linking it to facts and details about the person etc… Or just people, organisations and places and even words.

Online Journalism has shown that Internet features such as interactivity and hyper linking were set out to revolutionise the way that news is gathered, produced and consumed by the reader, however what it has done is it has made the reader more curious of facts associated with the story.

Where then will the work of a journalist fit in, and how far should a journalist go to give the full details and sources of articles, the use of hyper linking to back up a fact or point in Online articles is a valid one, but it makes the reader do the research of a story and constantly brings the reader away from the body of text.

Though there is a theory that the more you send someone away the more they come back, the true principles of journalism are questioned with hyper linking as it should be the journalists duty to inform the public not the public informing themselves by links from a journalists work.

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