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Posted in Uncategorized by hyperlinks3 on April 29, 2010

A fast expanding feature of online articles and to a certain extent blog is the use or overuse in certain quarters’ of hyperlinks. Many online texts are littered with links to sources and words such as a persons name linking it to facts and details about the person etc… Or just people, organisations and places and even words.

Online Journalism has shown that Internet features such as interactivity and hyper linking were set out to revolutionise the way that news is gathered, produced and consumed by the reader, however what it has done is it has made the reader more curious of facts associated with the story.

Where then will the work of a journalist fit in, and how far should a journalist go to give the full details and sources of articles, the use of hyper linking to back up a fact or point in Online articles is a valid one, but it makes the reader do the research of a story and constantly brings the reader away from the body of text.

Though there is a theory that the more you send someone away the more they come back, the true principles of journalism are questioned with hyper linking as it should be the journalists duty to inform the public not the public informing themselves by links from a journalists work.


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