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Scott Karp Link Journalism is changing the industry

Posted in Uncategorized by hyperlinks3 on April 29, 2010

Brian O’Sullivan

Scott Karp says that hyperlinkng could seriously change journalism the New York Times journalist says that Link journalism is linking to other reporting on the web to enhance, complement, source, or add more context to a journalist’s original reporting.

He sees the standard journalistic technique for providing the context and support for assertions is to quote sources, but has pinpointed a different scenario on the web, where the “link journalism approach” is to link to other actual reporting.

In many ways links lore readers to sources that require a fee to enter Karp dismisses The rationale for paid access to newspaper and other print publication archives because researchers and other people searching for archived articles for a specific purpose will be willing to pay for them, he stresses the point that the archives don’t generate enough traffic to monetize through advertising, so why not charge for them.

Karp is also worried about what negative effect this will have on the traditional way of journalism and reporting he sees it as sending people away from the original newsroom that the reader is doing more research than the reporter.


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