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The Six Law Manifesto

Posted in Uncategorized by hyperlinks3 on May 12, 2010

Michael Fenton

An Important aspect of hyperlinking is how it should be used ethically, informatively and properly. Two journalists, Kim Elmose, the blog editor of Politiken.dk, and Lars K. Jensen, a project manager at Ekstrabladet.dk, came up with a manifesto about linking in journalism. This came about due to the lack of linking to other material and sources in online journalism and scandanavia. They want the manifesto to be adopted freely by all media outlets. If used as a guideline, this manifesto may improve the standards of hyperlinks in journalism.

First law: linking to data used

Second law: linking directly and precisely

Third law: Precise about the information on the link – where it takes them to etc.

Fourth law: We recognise that an article consisting of precise links to information that represents different angles on an issue is a journalistic product.

Fifth law: open to inbound links

Sixth law: make it easier to link to their websites 

The manifesto and information on it is available at http://blogs.journalism.co.uk/editors/2009/01/13/online-journalism-scandinavia-resolutions-for-2009-yes-we-link/


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